Friday, April 18, 2014

Outer Banks Trip!

We were so thankful to be able to get away for a couple days this week. We drove to the Outer Banks- what a fun place!
Thanks Auntie "L" for the pedicures before got our toes in the sand!
 Maddie LOVES the beach. She's my Cali girl through and through.
 Savannah was happy making sand pies...another California girl at heart.
 This was Geneva's first experience at the beach!

 "I can't wait to be big enough to play in the water like my big sisters."
 After a morning of the beach, we went to Jockey Ridge for the afternoon. 
 I love Savannah's "Princess of the Beach" shirt!
 This place is amazing- huge sand dunes!
 Can you see Maddie? She trekked across the sand so well!

 Finally, we made it to the water!

That sure tired them out!!


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Yeaa, so fuun!! How long did it take you guys to get to the water? Wow, its so pretty though!!