Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Keeping Up with the Kids...

These days (and nights) have been full with the kids lately! Geneva is into EVERYTHING, and Maddie and Savannah have a lot to say and do. We've also all been passing different sicknesses around, so sometimes the nights are busy, too. In these times I really have to pray and ask God for strength and the right attitude. When I'm run down it's so easy to loose my patience and wish for "easy", but that's not when God shows Himself as mightily. God shows His power in my weakness and in the way He so faithfully forgives after I sin. What a great God we have. 
 Sweet little Neva wants to color just like her big sisters. Our goal: keep it on the paper, not the walls :)
 She's riding! The other day Savannah was "Jessie" from Toy Story pretty much the whole day! This girl can ride, play the guitar, and sing all at the same time!
 Thanks Grandpa for making this pony!
 We painted bird houses when we had a sunny afternoon. The girls love being outside and getting artsy.
 Watch out! This girl likes to have 2 purses on her arms and one phone in hand. 
She's not getting my wallet!
 Sweet Savannah and I made strawberry almond smoothies the other day- such a yummy snack. Savannah loves helping out in the kitchen.
Maddie girl got to go to 2 birthday parties Saturday! This one was at the trampoline park. She had such fun jumping with the neighborhood friends!

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Ferko said...

Haha, love Savannah's face with the smoothie!!