Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day!

We had about 4-5 inches of snow last night, which means that school was canceled. I know our family in Massachusetts and Colorado and friends in places like Jackson Hole laugh at that, but here in NOVA, life stops when we get a few inches! We have so much fun on these days!
 Savannah and Cubbie Bear- we got him from her Cubbie class this week! Savannah put socks and a hat on him before taking him in the snow :)
Daddy! Help me.
Earlier in the morning when we were playing a rhyming matching game we spotted a fox in our backyard listening to the snow. We got to witness him bending down, listening, scooting over, putting his ear to the snow a gain, and then pouncing and covering his face in the snow. He came up with a mouse or some sort of little creature! It was the coolest thing to watch!! We feel so blessed to have this backyard!
 I don't think these flowers are going to make it until Spring.
 Our little pond and creek were frozen- so fun to explore.
 Cute buddies.
 Baby friends.
 Sister friends.
 Daddy had some fun between meetings today!
 We brought a thermos of hot chocolate out for the kids. 
Here they are having a little break from sledding.
 Geneva loved being pulled in the toboggan.

Maddie loved eating the snow!!
After sledding, one of our neighbors had all of us over for hot dogs. We have the best neighborhood!

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Ferko said...

The picture of all your girls is adorable!!! So precious and Maddie makes me laugh about her eating the snow - shes getting so big!!!