Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Savannah's 5th Princess Party!

Grandpa flew all the way in from ABQ to go to his first princess party :)
 Miss Penny amazed us again with her cookie talent!Look at this castle- all edible!!

 Thanks Miss Penny! 
 We started with craft time. The girls made their own favor bags and Cinderella carriages by decorating pumpkins.
 Auntie "L" took all the lovely pictures at the party- thank you!! 

 Savannah gave out rings to her friends.
 Then we did nails and danced at the ball.
 The girls had an afternoon tea.

 Then we played find the hidden glass slipper. Jesse was guarding the door!
 Here they come!
 Savannah loved having Grandpa there!
 Sweet group of friends.
 Thanks everyone for the fun gifts!!
 Savannah thanking her sister for her present.
 We are so thankful for this sweet girl. She truly is a joy. 
Yay- Grandpa too!
After the party the girls played for a while and then watched Cinderella.
Such a fun time celebrating God's gift in Savannah!

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