Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lazers Swim Team

We love our local pool- it's so fun to go up there and swim with the kids. 
We have lots of family friends to visit with and enjoy summer time.
Maddie is on the Lazers swim team this year! Here she is at her first time trials. As I was driving her there at 7:30am Saturday she said, "Mom, why are we doing this again?!" Me: "Because it's fun!"
Coach Ashley is the BEST. The kids adore her, she knows her swim stuff, and she's so encouraging!
I love watching the kids waiting for their event. So adorable.
Maddie swam a 25 free, 25 breast, and 25 back. I was so proud of her!
She did so great! She's the one closest to me.

Savannah is a Little Lazer. Here she is learning to float on her back with Tessa!

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