Friday, January 20, 2017

Spirit Week!

This week was ICS Spirit Week! The girls had a blast dressing up each day.
 Here's Savannah's adorable class on Super Hero Day.
 Maddie was Black Widow. Like the web?
 Special powers: web making and climbing walls.
 Savannah was Rainbow Dash. Special powers: she's fast and can fly.
Love these two.
ICS Day- wear your blue and gold and cheer for the basketball game!
 Hat Day!
 You know Geneva had to get in on all the fun! 
 And Jersey Day.
 Savannah is wearing her Daddy's soccer jersey from when he was five. 

 And Maddie is wearing her soccer jersey from this year's team. Maddie had a tooth pulled at the orthodontist yesterday and is such a brave girl! She's back at school today.
We love ICS!

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