Thursday, June 29, 2017

Swim Meets and Chicks

 We have Lazers spirit! Our swim team is so great- we love the coaches, the dynamic of older swimmers encouraging the younger ones, and the hard work each child learns through swimming.
 Stretches for the Mini Lazers. They are too cute getting ready for the Lollipop race!
 Geneva and her coach.
 Savannah and her coach.
 When we got home our chicks had started to hatch! This is seriously so great to watch! We loved watching God's timing- exactly 21 days and they all hatched! Each on has a little tooth at the end of their beak to crack open the egg. Quite amazing!
 Our study is full of birds! We have 9 total. 
 They are so precious!
 Each with their own pattern and coloring.
We're enjoying them this week and I'm secretly happy to send them back to the farm Saturday. The house is getting kinda stinky.

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