Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Happy Resurrection Day!

 This is definitely the most wonderful day to celebrate! I was telling the girls that it's better than Christmas because Jesus is victorious over sin and death, which is even better coming as a baby. The fact that He took the payment of the world's sin, suffered and died, and then rose victoriously gives us every reason to live. Without the hope of forgiveness and a future with Him, we are eternally lost. What joy this time of year brings as we focus on His power and love. As Jesse preached on Sunday, it motivates us to worship and tell others this good news. 
So Happy Resurrection Day!
 I love how these girls are each growing in their understanding of their own sin and need for a Savior.  What a responsibility it is to teach them, train them, and show them how to humbly ask for forgiveness when I fail. It's truly a beautiful part of our relationship- once we sin against one another, we can ask for forgiveness, and easily receive forgiveness because of how much we've been forgiven by God.
 We enjoyed celebrating with the Leaches. We had a lovely dinner and time at the park.
We are so thankful for Uncle David and Auntie "L". 
This year has been quite the year for them concerning some health conditions. We have been blessed to see God answer all the requests and have Auntie "L" fully recovered. They were such a testimony to all of trusting in God's plan throughout their stay in the hospital. 

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