Thursday, May 17, 2018

Update Time

 The last few weeks have been filled with visits from friends and family coming from out of town, home school, AWANA awards, book clubs, welcoming new babies, saying goodbye to good friends, soccer, and many other adventures. Through all these events, God has proven Himself faithful, His mercies are new every morning, and nothing is done without His perfect care. I see Him giving me strength. My favorite part of the day is early, before the house is awake when I get to meet with Jesus. I'm reading through the Bible this year. It's been a joy to give the Lord each day, praying for my family and I see Him at work. Only by God's grace do I see my need for Him greater and greater. I love walking with Him all day. 
 We had a great visit with the Davis' when they came in town. 
 We had an outing to the National Cathedral and flower mart. 
 Slumber parties, dress up, school, play time, creek adventuring, Bible study, and movie nights made for a memorable visit!

 We were so thankful for the Spring weather, so we walked to Green Springs Park and had an afternoon enjoying God's beautiful creation while reading.
 This one is catching on pretty quickly!
 My precious Maddie girl. I'm so thankful God has given me these girls.
 Creek exploring!
Sisters are the best!
Cooking lessons with Miss Penny are full of learning techniques and yummy treats!
 We were sad to say good bye to the Voctures as they moved away. 
We are excited for their new opportunities, but they will be missed.

My little readers.
Maddie sometimes gets to be a mother's helper, and wanted to welcome this little one to the family!
 More creek time.

 Geneva finished her Puggles book this year.
 Savannah completed her Sparks book.
 And Maddie finished her T&T book. 
It's exciting to hear the girls quote Scripture and know God's Word by heart. I've seen the girls grow in their ability to study and understand the Bible this year.
 Maddie got braces!!
We had a wonderful visit with dear friends from Cali!

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