Wednesday, March 25, 2020

While we wait...

During these strange days where we stay home, distance ourselves from others, and stop all activities; the girls and I thought we'd share what we've been doing...
 School presses on! No stopping here, we are close to the end of several of our subjects for the year. We press on and want to finish well.
 Gerbil races! 
 Whenever it's not raining, we're outside!! Hammock is up and dolls are out for some vitamin D.
Saturday s'mores and stories by the fire!
 Church was around the kitchen table. Please join us as we listen to Jesse each Sunday morning!
 Pretend play- each stuffed animal is wearing a slipper sock- hahah!
 We re-organized all the girls clothes. They had all grown a size, so we were able to give away several bags of clothes! I learned a new way to fold and sort clothes so that you can see all your shirts/pants at the same time. 

 Lots of bike rides.
 The girls have been taking Taekwondo, and their studio is continuing with "zoom" classes- the teachers can see the kids and the kids can see and hear the teachers. The girls were thrilled to have earned their white belts.
 This was a first- today (Wednesday) Jesse married friends of ours and the wedding was on FaceBook live, so we "attended".
 Puzzles and story time in the evenings.
 We get to invest right at home. Yes we do!
There are challenges with being home more, and there are perks. We are making every effort to make the most of this time. Ephesians 5:16

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