Thursday, October 2, 2008

Big Girl

Maddie has now been sleeping in her crib for about a week. She has a mobile that she watches intently and smiles at, and loves to spread out while sleeping. She's sleeping about 8 hours every night (10:30pm to 6:45am). So, I'm feeling human again! What a precious little girl. I get excited every morning to watch her wake up- all the noises and funny faces and smiles- so great!


Ben and Melissa James said...

Hi Maddie! You're such a big girl in your crib! Your room is adorable! I bet you had some very nice people paint it for you.

azuremle said...

I LOVE Maddie's room too!!! Elijah's isn't so glamorous...he's sleeping in our guest bathroom at the moment:) But I still get giddy (most) every morning to when I go in to see him!