Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Magazine Survey

I just received a great gift- I can choose one magazine (out of 50 choices) to subscribe to for a year! Which magazine would you get? 

Real Simple
Cooking Light
Southern Living
or one that I've not mentioned?

Thanks for your advice!


Unknown said...

cooking light. i LOVE that magazine. great recipes, health & beauty tips. it's one of my favorites that i've subscribed to before.

lis said...

On that list I'd say Real Simple, but if you have the option, one of my favorite magazines is Cuisine at Home


azuremle said...

I got cooking light for 3 years and found it fun and helpful. I'm always using ideas I learned from it about how to make family favourite more healthy and still super tasty!

Sara Mallon said...

hey, haha, I was just going to say that I'm not sure Cooking Light is my favorite. I've been getting it for a year...and I like the ideas, but alot of the recipes are too "fancy" for me (ie use unusual cheese or ingredients that I don't really cook with normally). it looks like I'm the odd one with this opinion, but I would just look at a few issues of if before you buy it to make sure you REALLY like it. (you can have my old ones if you want :)

debpuffin said...

My vote goes to Real Simple, mostly because it's so pretty.
Love you guys!