Friday, March 13, 2009

Madison the Monkey

Madison is now getting herself all over the house, AND into things! I left her for a moment in the living room to get something from my room, when I heard a loud banging noise coming from the kitchen. I came out to find her holding the entire refrigerator grid in her hands and biting it! Of course, I  had just given her a bath and cleaned the kitchen floor, but I did miss cleaning BEHIND the grid. So, there was a little dirty monkey on my kitchen floor. 
Raise your hand if you're guilty! Well, this has become a "no touch"...
She is also pulling herself up onto things, one of them being her crib. She thinks it's very funny. 
This is after I lowered the crib the night before. Of course she has decided to become a little monkey the week I've had all four wisdom teeth pulled! She keeps me moving! (There will be no pictures of my very swollen face for a while!)


Ben and Melissa James said...

Way to go Maddie! You've got to keep that mom of yours on her toes! I miss you...I love you!

Unknown said...

hope you're doing ok!!!