Saturday, October 31, 2009

CSUN Reformation Party

Our cowgirl all ready to go!

Daddy walking his little lady to the car.
Every cowgirl has a faithful dog.
Team Johnson went with the theme :)

Shep and Maddie were dressed alike- they were just too cute together.
I think they like each other :)
I'm pretty sure they were "talking" to this figurine.
There's the protector in Shep- shooting the little man! This picture makes me laugh- looking at Maddie's worried look!
The cutest mini mouse! Mercy, Shep, and Maddie had fun playing together that night!
She was getting tired out!
Brooke, Mercy, and me.
Here's Jesse talking about the Reformation.
The Beatles came!
Karina was dressed as a lab professional (which she is).
Brooke (Belle), Rach (dog), and Anna (Cinderella).
Power Puff Girls, I think?
There was way too much food!
Mike came as a Seminary nerd and carved an appropriate pumpkin.

One of the guys carved out the silhouette of Jesse!
Here are some of my favorites:

What a fun night!

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