Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Lombardi Pumpkin Patch was a completely fun family trip this past Saturday. The weather was beautiful, and we all had a great time. Sorry for ALL the pictures- I just couldn't decide which to put in! Maddie absolutely loved the Saugus High marching band. They were pretty good!
I love that she walks holding our hand now.
So many to choose from.
Her new thing is to smell things, and go "mmmmm"!
She had to climb the mountain of hay.
Check out her face when she sees the cows for the first time! Hilarious!
Very into the farm animals.

This turkey gobbled for us- what a strange sound!

Daddy took her into the petting area. She had no fear.
Beep! Beep! Here come the Johnson's!
Yes, Madison rode her first pony, Dallas.
She loved it!
Her little legs hardly fit over the sides of the horse! Several bigger kids were crying because they were scared, not Maddie. She was just upset when she had to get off!
My sweet pumpkin.

To see pictures from one year ago of Maddie at Lombardi's go here. It's amazing how much babies grow in a year!


the e-wife, Karen said...


These are such precious photos. Maddie is just a peach. :-) It is evident that you and Jesse LOVE being parents!!


Unknown said...

Oh how precious she is! And you too!! I wish we were closer! I will post new pics soon of little Rowen! He is perfect!

Kim Archer said...

very cute! love all the photos, and all the pumpkins :)