Sunday, November 29, 2009

CA in November

My sister and her family came to town for Thanksgiving. She misses the beach now that her family moved to AZ, so we took the kids to Malibu the day before Thanksgiving. It was beautiful!
Papa and his AZ granddaughters.
It was great to have the beach to ourselves.
Climbing the big sand dune :)
Melissa and I swapped kids on the long walk back from the shore.
This was extremely cute- Emma was spooning sand on Madison's legs as Mads was eating a cookie.
The grandparents with their girlies.
After the beach, we hung out at Papa and Mimi's.
Ben and Melissa- what a cute couple.
And then a reindeer attacked us out of nowhere!
Mimi made a delicious dinner celebrating a few of our birthdays. And then the cousins watched a movie together.
Madison really enjoyed Mimi's chocolate ice cream cake.

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