Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

The three amigas on Thanksgiving. Mimi bought them matching clothes from Old Navy- too cute!
We spent the day at my sister's in-laws (the James) in Santa Clarita. We ate, played games, and watched the kids play together. After a whole day of sitting, we decided to go to the playground. We enjoyed being together!
Not sure who loved this more :)
Everyone took a walk around the park.
We might have some musicians in the family after all!
Friday morning started out with a good teeth cleaning! Madison loves brushing her teeth when we do ours!
A little stroll in the neighborhood.
One of Maddie's favorite ways to take a walk!
Then we decorated for Christmas- I love listening to Christmas music and decorating with Jesse. Maddie helped out this year. That night we had the cousins over for pumpkin pie. Maddie liked showing them our tree and her room.
Saturday morning was a Mickey Mouse pancake breakfast made by Papa. Delicious!!
Charis is such a good big cousin.
Then more playing at the park. I love this picture! Mads was giggling with her Aunt.
Lissy and Mom- it's so fun to be altogether!
I love this little outfit- red shoes and a little black Scottie dog on the front. I think I had an outfit similar to this one when I was little!
Madison loves walking around the house in our shoes!

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