Thursday, December 17, 2009

Favorite Chair

Madison loves her new chair from Aunt Dottie, Papa, and Mimi. She has enjoyed reading, playing, and watching movies in it. Last night I found it covered in chocolate, yes, the new pink chair had chocolate all over it! She had climbed up on my desk, taken chocolate candies down, unwrapped them, and proceeded to make a mess eating them in her new seat (she was also full of chocolate, of course). You might be asking yourself, where were her parents? Well, we were talking in the living room with a couple Jesse will be marrying in a couple weeks. Hmmm....better keep a closer eye on this one!
(By the way, the chocolate came out in the wash :)


Unknown said...

Cutest little girl in the cutest little chair!

Drollingers said...

very cute! miss you.

Ferko said...

That chair is super cute!!!<3