Friday, January 1, 2010

Denver- Day 1

After we bundled up Madison, she ventured out in the snow for the first time. There was beautiful powder everywhere you looked!
Shoveling the driveway.
And then a face plant in the snow! She could hardly move with all the layers, and ended up covered in snow- she's not a fan of the cold we found out :)
Then Daddy decided to teach her how to stomp on the snow.
After the snow experience, we took a trip to downtown Denver. Uncle JJ (Jesse's brother) and Aunt Danielle had fun walking her around.
At The Wizard's Chest picking out a few games for the week.
Then we made a stop at Starbucks (which was covered in snow- too weird!)
My snow bunny
Strategy faces on- game time!
More snow play!

You couldn't tell where the street ended and the sidewalk began!
Snowball fights!

Maddie pulled an ice sickle off from the bottom of a car and started chewing on it! Becoming acclimated in one day :)
The creating of our snowman.
Our handsome snowman (I might add that Uncle Mike really rescued our poor attempts at making a snowman).
Our family
Danielle and JJ
Uncle Mike and Aunt Di were the most gracious hosts the whole week!
That night (Christmas Eve) Jesse and Danielle put out the luminarias.

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Ben and Melissa James said...

Very cute pictures! I love the one of Maddie with a snow ball being thrown at her. So cute! You guys look great in the snow. Maybe you should think about moving to Phoenix. :)