Sunday, January 3, 2010

Denver- Day 2 (Christmas Day!)

Woke up to find Grandpa and GiGi had arrived!
They brought these blocks that entertained everyone for the entire weekend!

GiGi brought Maddie three pairs of shoes!
Great Grandpa helped Maddie get them on.


Story time with the Great Grandparents.
GiGi added Madison to the place mats for Christmas dinner.
Check out Jesse's mouth :)
After dinner, Jesse shared a devotional, then we sang several Christmas carols, and opened gifts.
This frog sings Christmas songs!
She loves her books!
She loved opening the gifts, and there were lots to open!
This jersey was actually Jesse's from his first soccer team (when he was 5). Madison wore it with pride!
Jesse's Great Grandmother made him this sweater! How cool that Maddie can now wear it.
Helping Grandpa open his gifts.
We destroyed the living room!
All the excitement tired out Maddie, so she just laid down on all the wrapping.
Playing with Great Grandpa's feet!
Aunt Di, Maddie, and a Snuggie- what could be cuter?
JJ, Danielle, Jesse, me, Uncle Mike, Aunt Di, Homie, Gale, Great Grandparents, and Aunt Deb.
It even snowed on Christmas!
A winter wonderland. We watched the foxes play in the backyard.

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