Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Arizona for the Weekend

Here's all the girls! As you can see our family has so many ladies! Since Aunt Dottie is here, we wanted her to visit with Melissa and her family, too. So we did the 7 hour drive starting Friday morning at 4am, and did the return drive Sunday evening at 4:30pm. What a fun weekend!
Aunt Dottie was such a trooper!
Emma did a great job feeding Madison.
Here are the three cousins in their matching outfits from Mimi- too cute!
Can you see the hot air balloon in the sky? We had such a fun time watching it on our walk.
The bath time pictures can't be posted, but this one is pretty adorable!
Chloe took a liking to Jesse this weekend.
They needed their shades for the walk.
Some park time.
My baby girl
My cupcake, Emma
My big girl, Charis
On the way home we stopped at Cracker Barrel. Maddie loved the rocking chairs, Aunt Dottie enjoyed the store, and the rest of us just liked eating dinner.
Melissa and Ben, thank you for hosting all of us- it was such a memorable weekend. We love you and miss you!

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Unknown said...

aunt dottie is so cute! i wish i had an aunt like her!!