Friday, February 12, 2010

Missing Aunt Dottie

Our three week visit with Aunt Dottie was so much fun.
We really just played the whole time!
The adult ladies went to an English tea at The Rose Tree Cottage.
We had such a fun time talking about Aunt Dottie's adventuresome years, eating all the delicious tea treats, and being served by an Englishman wearing a black tux with tails!
Madison helped Aunt Dottie set the table for dinner.
(she really did!)
My little kitchen helper with her apron.
One day we went to the Americana. Here's my adorable aunt.
Maddie loved the playground.
Here's my mom and Aunt Dottie.

We enjoyed watching the fountain during lunch.
Here's my mom's birthday cake! It took several meals for us to polish this off.
Four generations of the oldest siblings.
We miss you Aunt Dottie! Thank you for the wonderful times together. One of my favorite memories was when Madison would just stop what she was doing, and run over to give Aunt Dottie a hug and kiss- so sweet! We love you!

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