Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's A Girl!

So many people were confident that this next little baby was going to be a boy, but we had to stay with my family's tradition- 2 girls to each family. It's true for my sister, my mom, my mom's sister, and my grandmother. So, all that to say...we're happily having another girl!
We met my sister's family and my parents in Palm Springs for Resolved last Thursday. Jesse and I made the announcement to them by baking a vanilla cake and using a little red dye in the mix to make it pink. Then we iced it really well. Everyone took their guesses as to what gender the baby will be, then Charis (the oldest cousin- 6 yrs.) cut the cake to reveal the secret to everyone. There were many surprised looks and excited voices to follow.
This little one has been kicking a ton since 16 weeks- wonder what she will be like! We are so thrilled to meet her.


Drollingers said...

so excited for you guys! Maddie is going to be a great big sister and it will be fun to see you guys with two girls! Think of all the fun stuff you can do together!

Jeremy, Meg, Connor, Katie & Kara said...

Congratulations. So fun to have more pink in the family! I can't believe you're that far along (easy for me to say, right?)

Miss you guys - and we think Jesse could've done a much better job reffing than some of those guys...

Meg, for all of us