Friday, July 2, 2010

Family Time in Palm Springs

We just got back from a fun-filled week long trip in Palm Springs! We originally went out for Resolved, and then made it into a family vacation. My mom and dad were so generous to rent a beautiful house for both my sister's family and our family to stay in with them. We had such a memorable time together. It was sweet watching Mimi and Papa take joy in blessing their granddaughters. Thank you Mom and Dad for all the planning you put into this vacation- we LOVED it!
Praying for lunch as a big family.
(Can you spy the World Cup on in the background?!)
There was even a jacuzzi!
All 3 had matching suits :)
Getting acquainted with Shamu.
Let's play ball!
Matching game
Craft time! Mimi brought a fun craft each day for the girls- she was so thoughtful! I love that Jesse was helping Mads decorate her bag!
Mimi and Papa took the girls out for ice cream...yum!
Madison looks up to her older cousin Charis.
Why not play with the pool floats inside?!
Mimi gave each girl fruit-scented bubbles!
A special movie time and snacks.
Maddie couldn't get enough of Mimi's pasta!

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Mrs. Dan said...

Godly grandparents are truly a blessing!