Monday, August 2, 2010

Hiking and the Carousel

Jesse took a day off last week so we could have some family time. What did we decide to do....HIKING! We all love to be outside, so it was the perfect choice.
We did a 6.47 mile hike with a 1671 foot elevation gain in Towsley Canyon. Since both Jesse and I were carrying an extra person, the climb felt pretty steep! :) Here's one of the views of Santa Clarita.
Maddie walked where it was flat- my little hiker!
My big baby bump and Mads saying "Hi!"


Mommy Roth said...

You all look so cute! We love those hikes too and I did it when I was preggo with Jack. So Deidre what is the secret this time? Are you on meds or is the sickness pretty much over? Just curious, not saying I am doing to have another one but if there's a magic formula I "might" entertain the thought. I was still vomiting in the last trimester and I thought you were too last time around. Take care, E

Drollingers said...

I remember hiking Towsley when I was pregnant with both Andrew and sierra! You look awesome! Can't even tell you are pregnant from behind! love you!

Ski Town Girl said...

My kind of hike! I did a walk about the same length on Sunday...not carrying an extra person, but a fair amount of extra weight, after 21 days' vacation! Lots of elevation gain too. Too bad we couldn't have all been together. I watched the carousel video more than once. Love you guys so much! Mom