Saturday, September 25, 2010


Here's Maddie getting ready to go on our hot date with Papa- she cracks me up!
Last weekend Jesse went out of town to preach at the Ekklesia Conference in Florida. That same weekend Mimi went to speak a a women's conference in Sacramento. So, Papa took out his girls. We went on a date to Macaroni Grill. We had such a fun time chatting over dinner. What a sweet Dad and Papa he is!
When Mimi got back she made sure to come over and visit that day! Maddie loves when Papa and Mimi read her stories "on the big couch".
When Daddy returned, he brought Madison a few gifts! Here she is with her new cute Flamingo and wearing her "Pretty in Pink" jammies. He also brought me back a really pretty bracelet and some yummy fudge...what a good Daddy and husband he is!
We were both happy to have Daddy home!

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Unknown said...

she's too precious! i love her little routine before leaving the house :) what a cute video..... she's going to lough so hard when she sees this 20 years from now!