Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wednesdays and Thursdays

Now that Fall is officially here, our days have begun to fill up a bit. Here's Maddie and me about to leave for Every Woman's Grace on last Wednesday morning. I've been loving our study of Paul and the book of Galatians so far (you can download the homework and messages from each week on-line in case you can't be there). Evy Anderson spoke last week about Paul's character- what a deep study about a man who was radically called to be an "instrument of God". We can learn so much on how to be fearless, content, and submissive to Christ from reading his epistles. I'm definitely enjoying learning more through each day's personal study- it's so helpful to have questions that I have to research the Scriptures in order to answer. While I'm in EWG, Madison goes to the nursery and learns a toddler version of what I"m being taught!
On Thursday mornings Madison and I go play together at BabyGym at church! Maddie asks for "Gym" all through the week- she LOVES this special time. The gym is set up with play mats, slides, balls, basketball hoops, and more for the kids to run around and play in.
Oops...sometimes she gets a little crazy and eats it!
Here she is crawling through a huge caterpillar!
One of Madison's favorite parts about Gym is Abby (this is the first little friend she asks to play with :). They are adorable together! Here they are sitting in circle time. At one circle time, we were sitting across from Abby, and Maddie yelled across the circle, "Abby!"- we had to go sit next to her and her Mommy! During circle time we learn fun songs, pray, and talk about Jesus.
The girls play really well together! Abby is such a kind friend :)
Last week Teacher Shelby broke out the parachute! The kids were able to sit on top of it and we spun them, then they were able to run under and play as we lifted it up and down. What fun!
Here's our big class! After the kids play a little more, we end with another circle time, snack, and stickers. I'm so thankful for this fun time with my little monkey jumper!
(that's what she calls herself there :)

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