Thursday, March 10, 2011

Maddie is doing it...

First of all, I love this girl. She's quite a character and she knows how to make me laugh. She's full of personality and spunk. I love seeing her learning kindness, gentleness, and thinking of others before herself...this is such a hard lesson for little ones. It makes my heart glad when I see those traits in her as I'm praying for God's work of causing her to love Him more than anything else. Well, lately, she's become a little lady because now she wears undies!

We stayed home from pretty much everything for 3 days and worked on keeping her undies dry. This meant we set a timer the first day for every 10 minutes until she was successful going on the potty. If she was dry....she had a small special treat to choose from. If she went on the toilet...she got a sticker on her sticker chart (which when she filled it up was a toy of her choice from Target). If she had an accident...there were no treats. We made the whole experience fun with princess undies, streamers and balloons decorating the bathroom, etc.
The best part- Daddy stayed home from work the first day just to help.
Here's Daddy and his little girl having a tea party. We had lots of liquids that day- which quickened the learning process. She started catching on going to the potty by the afternoon of the first day. We had tried other methods of potty training before that were just complete failures. So, thanks to a few friends who game me these ideas.
Starting her early with reading good books on the toilet :)
I'm so glad to only have one child in diapers now!!!
Out of all the toys at Target, Maddie choose this ball which was $2.88. What a deal! She was so happy about this ball, she sang "Welcome home ball to my new house" on the way home as she held it in her car seat. Then when we got home she introduced it to all of her other balls. She asked to sleep with it that night- so funny!

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azuremle said...

Way to go Maddie!! Sounds similar to what I did with Anna & Elijah. They also taught a teddy or doll to stay clean and dry! Hopefully Rosie won't be far behind.