Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Full House

The past week has been full of family visits! First Aunt Jen and Becca flew in from MA, then Aunt Dottie from MA, and finally Ben, Melissa, Charis and Emma drove in from AZ. We've had a fun-filled and quite chock full week!
I'm so thankful to have a home where we could eat most of our meals. It's fun to live in a place that fits more than 4 people comfortably around our table!
Just hanging out on a rainy day :)
We found the 3 little girls playing with books, chap stick, purses, and phones on my bed!
One morning we went to the Topanga mall and our first stop was STARBUCKS!!! All the adults needed their caffeine fix!
Papa and Mimi treated the girls to a maze play area in the mall- they loved it.
Even the little ones got some shopping time in :)
So many pencils...
Aunt Jennifer was the best at rocking Savannah to sleep! She loves auntie.
Becca showed the little cousins how to make fun shapes with the pipes.
Even though all the little girlies wanted to stay up late with the adults...Savannah was the only lucky one!
And of cf course we had a big night of games...Ticket to Ride and Hand and Foot.
We're so glad you all came to visit! We love and miss you already.

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Drollingers said...

We just played Ticket To Ride for the first time this weekend and loved it John was introduced to it this past weekend at Men's retreat and he ended up borrowing it b/c he knew i would love it. Last night we played for almost 3 hours with the neighbor girls. Andrew even played and got 2nd place. He beat me!