Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Resurrection Day

I woke up early Sunday morning and enjoyed looking at these gorgeous tulips! Thank you Gale and Homie for sending us this sweet surprise!
We had a lovely morning at church thinking about all the Jesus went through in the garden before His death. It is remarkable to think that He sweat blood over having to take on my sins. What a struggle He had taking on sin in His perfection; whereas I have such a difficult time resisting sin. I am in awe of His redeeming work. Maddie came home so excited from Sunday School telling me that "Jesus is alive!" We then had about 12 people over from our Bible study for lunch. We had such a wonderful time with them!
Doesn't every girl do the climbing wall in her Easter dress?!
Madison was running around the backyard so excited to show our friends the garden we've planted :)
Some of the boys played with Maddie.
Then the girls took a turn and "sailed to Hawaii"!
I had so much fun cooking a ham with an orange honey glaze, carrot souffle, mashed potatoes, and green beans. We had a feast!
We were so thankful that the weather was warm enough for us to sit outside for lunch.
As everyone was setting down their forks, Maddie shouted..."Let's play red light-green light!" So, some of us did!
Ray shared his phone with Savannah.
She really liked looking at the picture of herself!
Meredith played with Sissy Loo and made her laugh. Thank you to Jonathan and Meredith for staying and helping clean up!!
While Daddy was at night church the girls and I read stories from Maddie's children's Bible and just had a sweet time together.

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azuremle said...

Looks like such a great time!!! And the girls' outfits are so super cute:) I didn't get any pics of mine but we had a great day too.