Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drollinger's Visit

I've been blessed with a sweet friend in Rachel Drollinger. We met when we both went to Master's College. We had similar interests in hiking, rock climbing, and anything that had to do with the outdoors all the while having great conversations. Our friendship grew past the college years, as we both became teachers. Then I was in her wedding. Next, she was in mine. Two years after I got married, on July 16 we both had baby girls on the same day: Sierra and Madison. We even had the girls at the same hospital and shared a recovery room. In the Lord's providence, the Drollinger's moved to Washington soon after Sierra was born. So, it's been fun to talk on the phone through the different stages the girls have gone through over the past 2 1/2 years. Well, the girls were able to play together this week, and they had a fun time!

I promise this wasn't planned, but Rachel and I had our next babies 1 1/2 weeks apart! Brighton is just a tad younger than Savannah. They were thrilled to meet :)

Brighton has gorgeous blue eyes!
Both girls had fun clobbering one another as they flailed their arms and legs and rolled around on the bed!
Andrew (the oldest Drollinger) was so sweet with the younger girls. We had a fun afternoon together! Thank for taking the time to come over!

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