Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catch Up Time...

The Johnson family sure has been busy lately! Here's a few of the fun things we've been doing...
We bought this jumperoo second-hand from a friend and Savannah just loves it! It's fun having her in the kitchen when I cook :)
"Mr. Ben" is an exchange student from England that was living with my parents for the last month. He became part of our family, and we sure are sad to see him go. Maddie LOVED playing in the back yard with him. Last Friday night he was over for a CSUN guys night. About 25 guys came over and John Rourke spoke about finances. I think they took some great pointers from the talk along with eating 5 pizzas, a watermelon, bag of chips, and a whole 13x9 pan of strawberry yummy dessert. I forget how much guys can eat!!!
Saturday we went to the Crossroads volleyball tournament for most of the day. I didn't get any pictures because I was keeping up with our kids and getting to meet new people. Right from the UCLA campus, we met my parents down in Santa Monica. We had a lovely evening at the beach! By the time we got home, we were all exhausted :)
Catch with Papa
Monday we met the Drollingers at Huntington Beach. We had fun playing in the sun!

Savannah and Brighton were pretty funny together!
Jesse was so sweet and took me out for Mother's Day today (he'll be gone preaching in Kansas this weekend). He let me sleep in until 7:30! I woke up to a beautiful hydrangea plant and then we went to breakfast at Aroma Cafe.
After breakfast we played at the park for a bit.
I'm so thankful to the Lord for the gift of my sweet little family! It's in the family that we are most challenged to be patient, speak with kindness, and love sacrificially. It's also in the relationships of the family that God causes us to become more like Him as we fulfill our God-given roles. When I am living out my role as a wife and mother in a way that pleases the Lord, it's so rewarding and brings me great joy. I'm thankful that God has so clearly communicated through His Word how we are to live and interact with one another as a refection of our relationship with Him. I love being a mother!

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