Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lemon Cream Pie

Cooking is something Madison and I enjoy doing together. Just about any time I'm making a recipe, she asks to scoot the step stool over and "help". Well, for a while this "help" was really just a whole lot more work for me- crumbs everywhere, finger-dipping in whatever we were making, lots of questions, etc. I loved every minute of it along the way, and now she is really beginning to be quite a big helper. She even sings, "I'm a helper, I'm a helper, I'm a helper Jesus says." (she picked that ditty up in Sunday school :0) Anyways, we still have a plethora of lemons leftover from Rach's bridal shower and I'm having fun finding new lemony recipes. This one I found on Karen Harasick's blog was a keeper!
First, Maddie mashed the graham crackers.
Secondly, we mixed the ingredients for the crust together.
While the crust was baking, we squeezed and zested the lemons.
As the crust cooled, we mixed the lemon, sugar, egg yolks, etc. together over the stove until it thickened.
Madison rinsed all the dirty dishes as we waited for the mixture to cool completely.
Savannah had a blast watching us cook. She just loves jumping!!
While the mixture cooled, we made some fresh whipping cream, spread it on top of the lemon mixture, then garnished the pie with a lemon. We refrigerated it and had nap time :)
The pie was a huge hit to our guests that night!
Here's the lemon cream pie recipe, if you care to try it.

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