Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Kinda Vacation...Day 1 and 2

For weeks we've been looking forward to going on vacation to Pacific Grove/Carmel and having family time! We just spent 5 days away enjoying one another and God's beautiful creation. It couldn't have been better! Here's what we did...
Jesse researched where to stay and the best deal was in a little 2 bedroom house just a couple blocks from the beach and across the street from a park! We were thrilled with this place.

Savannah was an angel in the car. Here's one way to do a speedy feeding when driving :)
Both girls were excellent travelers! Before the trip I bought Maddie a couple new car activities- beads to string on a necklace and a chalkboard with magnet letters. Unfortunately we found out Maddie gets car sick when looking down! after a change of clothes, one of those hanging coconut car fresheners, mints, and little wipe down at the gas station, we told her to just enjoy the scenery as we drove. Looking out the window really helped. Dog and baby kept her great company. She was fine the rest of the thankful!
As soon as we arrived, we went across the street to the park and stretched our legs!
Then we walked down to the water...what a gorgeous place!!!
By the way, we love our Bob stroller!
Savannah all bundled up for the walk.
The next morning we went to the Red House Cafe for breakfast. We highly recommend this place (I think we ate there 4 times...breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!!!). They had the best Vanilla Bean black tea.
Part of me just liked the restaurant because it was so cute!
Then we headed out on the 17-mile drive. What amazing views. Maddie and I got out and played for a bit at one beach. The sand was so soft!
You could hear these seals barking from so far away!
The "Lone Cypress" with my love.
We were all looking forward to hiking! I couldn't be more excited to be with my little family in this beautiful place! This is Point Lobos State Reserve. Savannah loved being in the Ergo pack and Madison was quite the hiker!
After about three hours of hiking, we got out the Bob so Maddie could ride. This trail with the poppies was nice and wide for a double stroller!
Sissy and me looking out at the view.
Daddy and Maddie checking out the powerful waves!
This made me think of...
Isaiah 40:8 "The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our God will stand forever."
Yeah...all 4 of us :)
My cuties just love making each other laugh!
Maddie said, "I'm taking a break."
Daddy bear and baby bear hiking in the field.

My burly man...carrying Savannah in the Ergo AND the Bob stroller down the stairs!
I think all the fresh air wore Sissy Loo out!
After hiking 5 hours that day, both girls fell asleep pretty quickly in the car. We took a scenic drive and ended up at a Farmer's Market where we snacked on some kettle corn and bought fresh strawberries...yum.
More pictures coming soon!