Friday, October 21, 2011

Time for An Upgrade

I snapped a photo of Madison sleeping the other day. She is obviously a bit big for her toddler bed.
So, I got to work painting ($12 for spray paint), then put together the twin bed we were given. Rachel White and I did this project while Jesse was out of town. Rachel brought the drill, and we put this beauty together.
Maddie was thrilled to sleep in a big bed! We found the sheets for $10 and the comforter for $30 at Target.
So the cost of the whole bed: $52. I think that's pretty good!


Mommy Roth said...

Love, running to Target I saw that one the other day but didn't stop to check the price. Although my daughter's fav is blue so she probably wouldn't go for it :(. You did a great job with the bed and Jack was switched too, they seem to sleep so good in BIG beds! Can you make her stop growing? She's getting so big.

H said...

Great project!!! It's beautiful :)