Sunday, February 12, 2012

In the Last Week...

In the last week the four of us moved from our house in Chatsworth to my parents house in North Hills. All of our belongings are in a truck headed to Virginia!

Here we are having a little PJ dance party at Mimi and Papa's. We've had fun dancing, playing, reading, going to the zoo, and even sharing the stomach flu this past week!
Brooke Moore threw a little Valentine's party for the ballet girls. The time with friends was even sweeter than the food!
My dad and I went deep sea fishing! You might ask, "What made them do that??" Well, let me tell you...since I was about 7 years old, my dad and I have enjoyed going fishing together. It's "our thing". I've always had a close relationship with my dad. He's a humble godly man. I've always been able to talk with him about anything and am thankful for his wisdom and leadership in my life.
We hit some swells, so a few of us got sea sick.
As we were fishing, pelicans and sunfish followed the boat.
Between the two of us, we caught 11 fish! My dad definitely caught more than me!
He even brought in a crab!!

Here's the guys cleaning the fish. It was a gorgeous day...complete with a rainbow as we pulled into port. We plan on frying them up this week :)
This morning Pastor MacArthur brought up the elders to lay hands on Jesse and I. We are officially sent out by Grace Community Church to Immanuel Bible Church. It was a surreal experience. I've been at this church for 30 years, Jesse's been here 11 years. We have been the ones sending others off, and now we're up! We love this family of believers, and will miss them. Here is an article Jesse wrote in the Grace today that sums up our thoughts. Yet, the Lord has so evidently directed us to go to Immanuel Bible Church. We are excited and look into the future confident in God's plan! Already we have been blessed by this new body of believers. They have flooded us with kind emails, messages, and are even working on our new home! We are anxious to get to know them and make IBC our home. God is so faithful!


Unknown said...

so excited for you guys!! and i know exactly what you mean about your send-off being surreal. that's exactly how ours felt too. cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!!

Karina said...

Love the sweet picture of you and your dad!!

So surreal, so thankful, so excited, so many emotions--God is indeed faithful over all. What a privilege to know and call you friend :)

M or J said...

I'm happy for you guys, Deidre! I've enjoyed following your blog and it's amazing what the Lord has done with your lives. May He bless this new road ahead. Looking forward to reading all about it!