Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Open House

My parents hosted an open house to celebrate our move to NOVA. We had a wonderful time with friends, and are so thankful for their influence on our lives!
Tanya, Karina, and Vanessa. Love these girls!
Melissa, Hilary, Jacob peeking through, and Michelle- dear friends!
The house was full with people!
Verdugos, Lemans, Harasicks...
Hannah and Rachel!
Brianne and Anna!
Robyn and her sweet girls!
Can you spy Karen, Drew, Mike and Janet?
Jessica, Brianne, Jenny, and Jen from our CSUN Bible study.
Jesse loved holding Hudson (Drew and Sarah's new baby). He's just precious.
We are thankful beyond words for these relationships. Some I've known since I was a little girl, others have only been in our lives the last few months. What they have in common...a sincere love for the Lord. We are so blessed to have been touched by these people!

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Pinkleys said...

what a sweet send-off and I love that you're already using the "lingo" calling it "NOVA"! :) See you soon!!