Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One More Trip to the Lake...

This past Monday we drove up to the Drums Lake House and spent the day with them and the Pinkleys. It sure was a fun-filled day! Bethany spoiled us with delicious food and Dave took us out for a good time on the boat.
The Pinkleys had all the kids in the front of the boat. 
 Maddie loved going out on the raft (I think Sarah did, too)!
 We got a little air! Maddie loved it. Jesse said she was all smiles! We did this several times and Jesse said it looked like I was going to do a backflip off the raft. We stayed in and kept our sunglasses on :)
 Savannah got a turn.
This is Savannah-style air!
Isaac and Maddie fished a bit.
 Naomi and Savannah were twins.
So thankful for my friend Sarah!!


Ferko said...

Soooo fun!! Loved that Maddie was a lil daredevil...and that Sissy tried it out too!! btw, love Savannah's lil pig tails!! Tell Sarah I said hi :)

Pinkleys said...

I'm so thankful for YOU!