Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Time!

Here's what we're doing with our summer days in D.C.
 Riding bikes at the park!
 Maddie loves her new training wheel bike (early bday gift) from Mimi and Papa.
Savannah had to do what big sis was doing!

  Pretty flowers and bees, which make me think of the song:
"This is my Father's world...."
 Maddie and I are doing some "school". While Savannah naps, we have some big girl time together.
 We joined the pool in the neighborhood.
 Both girls love being in the water. Maddie is taking swim lessons, too.
 Going to church!
 Thank you Auntie L for the matching dresses!
 When our power was out, we stayed with David and Laura. Maddie enjoyed "helping" Laura cook. 
 On the 4th we went to the Fairfax parade with the Gleason's.
 Maddie watched much of the parade with this huge bug on her arm :)
The girls had so much fun dancing to the bands.

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Ferko said...

SOOOOO cute....oh my gosh...the matching dresses and the PIGTAILS?!?!?! And what is the pose that Mads is doing with her fist - waaaay too cute!! U need more pics of you up on the blog!!