Sunday, September 9, 2012

California Dreamin'

We just got back from a trip in our old stomping grounds...sunny California!
Here's one of my favorite places that I've been going to since I was little: Paradise Cove
I love this Malibu view!

 Even Aunt Dottie came to the beach!
Ready for shell collecting!
 We found some fun tide pools.

Papa and Savannah walked the beach, too.
Savannah made "pie" for all of us!

My beach bum.
I think she looks pretty good for 100 years old!
The girls didn't want to stop playing together in the sand for dinner, so they just ate sand!
No, not really. We had a delicious fish dinner at the restaurant there.
More photos of CA to come!

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Ski Town Girl said...

I think Aunt Dottie looks elegant and beautiful for any age! Can I have the recipe for sand pie, please?
Thanks so much for posting these marvelous pictures. I miss Malibu too.