Friday, September 28, 2012

Maddie's Ballet and Tap Class

Maddie is just loving her tap and ballet class at the Audrey Moore Rec Center. We're really thankful that a bunch of 4-year-old girlfriends from church have joined in the class, too.
Maddie is wearing pink with no tights (tights make her too hot :) 

All these movies are for the grandmas and grandpas :) I love watching these little cuties!

 Savannah wanted to join in!
 All the girls were thrilled to strap on the tap shoes!

The tap shoes were a bit louder!
We had a special surprise visitor today...Daddy! He showed up during class to watch Maddie!
(You can see him holding Savannah's hand). 
Brooke is holding Maddie's hand (she's a sweet friend from church).

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Ferko said...

oh my gosh....please stop...all this cuteness is killing me!!! Love Maddie's dancing and I cant get enough of Sissy's tutu...way too fair!!!