Sunday, May 12, 2013

Virginia Beach Trip

This past Monday through Friday our family took a little vacation to VA Beach. We love the beach (coming form Cali), but had never been to an east coast beach altogether. We had the best time. It was wonderful to do what we wanted, when we wanted for 5 whole days! A friend graciously let us stay in their beach house, and the accommodations were lovely. 
The highlight of the trip for the girls was just being at the beach. We went in the morning, before dinner, and after dinner!
 Here's our little walk from the beach house.
 Maddie, my little beach bum.
 Savannah and Daddy keeping each other warm. A couple of the days were chilly, and then we had beautiful weather the other days. 
 Jesse and the girls built a sandcastle village.
 Savannah loved playing in the water with her Daddy! She would jump with excitement!
 The girls could play in the sand forever.
 Maddie collected shells for me.
 We saw dolphins swimming in the ocean, and crabs digging in the sand. It was so neat to be in God's beautiful creation and praise Him for it! I came to tears sitting on the beach enjoying all of God's amazing gifts.
One more sand fort. The girls really didn't want to leave the beach. It was such a treat to be there!
We came down to the beach after dinner one was a bit too chilly for me to get in the water! 
One more video of them being chased by the waves on a warmer day.


Pinkleys said...

Love the NATS hat! :)

Ferko said...

So fun!! Glad you guys were able to get away :)) The girls are getting too big...but they are sooo cute! Love their new haircuts!! The beach looks so nice and clean!! Definately not like Cali beaches ;)