Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Outings in Cali

The evening we landed in Cali, we drove straight to the beach! Our family LOVES playing at the beach.
 Over the 2 weeks, we went to the beach about 4 times! The girls collected sand crabs, made "pizzas" in Frisbees, and just had fun digging in the sand.
 Mimi, Aunt Melissa, and Uncle Ben enjoyed relaxing on the beach.
 Papa really got excited about making sand castles with the girls.
 Another day we went to Griffith Park and the girls rode horses.

 Sweet cousins!
 Then we rode the train!
 Choo choo!
 We had a picnic lunch on our newly tie-died sheet!
On another day we went to Will Rogers Beach. It was a gorgeous day! This beach had rocks to climb, and hermit crabs to catch. 

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