Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trip to Papa and Mimi's

We spent the last 2 weeks in CA at Papa and Mimi's house with my sister and her family. It had been a whole year since we had seen our sweet cousins and been back to Cali!
Mimi was ready to have her girls back! She bought each granddaughter either a princess or fairy doll set. 
Savannah was so excited about it, she started shaking!!
Here's Maddie and Emma having princess conversations :)
Here they are early one morning playing altogether on the back porch.
All the cousins are also into American Girl dolls. 
The dolls were laying out by the pool as Charis read them a story.
One night the girls had a movie night in Papa and Mimi's bed. What fun!
Mimi had crafts for the girls to do while we were there. Here they're making hand or foot prints in cement. Mimi uses these stones to line her garden.
We also tie-died shirts together! The kids loved wearing them as bathing suit cover-ups!
Here we are going on a walk in the neighborhood- each girl had to bring a "baby".
Savannah took this pic of me and Charis!
We did lots of swimming in the pool! Papa keeps the water at a lovely 90 degrees!
Happy 4th of July! We spent the day swimming and relaxing. Here's the flag cake all the girls helped make.    
Savannah's first time doing sparklers!
Mimi loved reading to the girls at each bedtime.
More pictures to come!

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Pinkleys said...

SO SO FUN! :) What a great time w/ family!