Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Geneva's Dedication

Sunday was the child dedication service at our church. It's a time where parents reflect on what it means to raise our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. We acknowledge that our children are His, but we are stewards of them here on earth. As a parent, my job is to teach, train, and love my kids in a way that points them to Christ. My greatest prayer for my girls is that they would, by God's grace, be a follower of Him and serve Him with their lives.
One of the elders took pictures of each family before the service. Thanks Neal!
We had two services full of families dedicating their kids. Lots of little ones here!
Geneva slept through the service!
Above where everyone was standing, slides were rotating through baby pictures of each child and thir families.
 Here's Geneva Joy after the service. She wore the pretties pearl bracelet a friend sent us. Their is a group of women in a foreign country that make pearl jewelry (for all ages/sizes/colors) that support the underground church. If you're interested, I can get you in touch with her, so you can get your own and support that ministry.
 I love those little toes!

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