Thursday, January 2, 2014

Here's a Few More of AD...

 We had such a wonderful visit with Aunt Dottie. Over the 10 days, the girls enjoyed playing Candy Land, reading, staying in PJ's until late, watching movies, and even finding hidden pictures with her.
 Here's the girls dressed in the new outfits Aunt Dottie bought them...she finds the cutest clothes :)
We went to tea at Debbie Upchurch's home. The Grandmas and the young ones had fun that afternoon.
 Daddy enjoyed playing "Operation" with the girls!
Maddie loves her new Abigail puzzle From Aunt Deb. This stuffed animal talks to you as you read her a story or phrase off the puzzle. Super cute!
Here's a couple pictures a friend captured at church.
Geneva just loves smiling at Aunt Dottie!
We miss you...

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