Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some Weeks Seem Looong

 One week ago my dad took this picture as we were walking out the door for church. All my girls are in it...can you find Geneva? We actually all made it to church together!
 This week turned into the kind of week where you have many plans that all get canceled. Ever have one of those weeks? I made plans, but the Lord directs my days. This week I had to say "no" to lots of good things. Actually, I've had to that a lot lately. We've had some sort of nasty flu in our house for about a month. God is teaching me to find joy in the place He has me, even when I'm tired and not well myself. God has been good to me this week. At times, it felt like the nights weren't going to end (as I got up to take care of Geneva), but His mercies were new each morning! Geneva got the flu we've all had. It went very quickly into a bacterial respiratory infection. Once the doctors found out why she had a fever and bad cough, they gave her a powerful antibiotic shot. Good thing we have insurance because this shot is $1000 (yes, one thousand dollars!). We only had to pay $30 for the co-pay. Poor baby is still felling sick, but doing better. I know this is not nearly what some people go through with their children, but it was a challenge for me. A challenge to remember where God wants me to be and how He wants my heart to love Him through every challenge.
 Madison and Savannah are here singing to Geneva "to make her feel better". Too cute! 
They haven't seen the movie Frozen, but love singing "Let it Go"
Their facial expressions crack me up!
We've also had a new addition to our kitchen this white and shining refrigerator. I've been without a freezer and fridge for a whole month! Yes, it has been challenging. We packed our food in snow (thanks God for cold weather) in our sun room. A little messy and inconvenient, but that's another story for another time :)
We've never had a water dispenser on the door, so Maddie digs this. 
She said today, "I love this fridge. It's better than better."
Love these guys!

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Ferko said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe that shot was $1000, praise the Lord for co-pay! Praying you and your family get better soon!! And I love that Maddie loves the fridge - sooo funnnnnny!! xo