Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Aunt Melissa's Visit!

Just before Aunt Melissa got to town, I took the girls on a walk in the woods. Poor little Savannah had a tumble down some rocks. I think Maddie cried more than Savannah. Maddie can't stand seeing her sister get hurt! I remember doing the same thing when Melissa and I were little. Sisters are the best.
 Aunt Melissa flew all the way from Arizona on Wednesday! We were so happy to have her here to visit. Thank you Uncle Ben, Charis, and Emma for letting us have her!!
Aunt Melissa played tea party with Savannah and her favorite stuffed animals. She was a huge help with the girls. They loved playing with her. 
She read books, too.
 One night we had a ladies dinner out at Copper Wood. My sister actually flew out here with her friend, Jenn. Jenn came to VA to visit her friend (and my friend) Michelle. Such a small world.
    Saturday we went to the 9/11 Memorial. 
 It was very sobering.
 After that we took a pretty drive through D.C.
 Melissa was so sweet to help me scrapbook Geneva's baby album. She was the one who got me started with scrap booking in the first place. 
 On Sunday we went to church, then had hot drinks that afternoon. Melissa isn't used used to all this cold weather, so we had lots of tea and coffee!
Jesse was driving her to the airport Monday morning, when they got the call that her flight was canceled. Most of the roads were plowed, but not many cars were out. Jesse was able to make snow angels on Rolling Road and Burke Road (usually a very busy intersection).
 So, we got my sister an extra day! We stayed warm inside playing games.
 Geneva tried eating Maddie's nose!
Savannah called my sister "Miss Alyssa" the whole time...so funny!
 The girls played outside a bit in the snow. Savannah has it good. She gets a ride both uphill and downhill!
So much white!
I love this face.
 More cuddles.
Pretty sunset in the backyard.
(We had to stay inside for this shot...too cold for Melissa to go outside :)
I made Oreo milkshakes to celebrate one more night with Melissa!

 Geneva has started blowing bubbles.
 Here we are making our second try of going to the airport! 
Thanks Melissa for coming. It was wonderful talking with you and spending time playing with you and the girls. You were a huge help and blessing to have visit. I love you and wish we lived closer!

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