Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hair Cuts and 7 Months

 The girls were well overdo for haircuts! So, last night I gave them a new look :)
 Not sure about this pose...
Love that these girls beg Jesse to read them books every night, then asks him to sing, and pray- sweet bed time routine.
Geneva did not get a haircut!
  She loves peek a boo with this bear.
 Sweet feet.
 Geneva loves blowing bubbles! She even does it when eating- which makes quite a mess!
She loves baby food, and now does 4 bottles of about 6 ounces each a day.
Neva giggles at her sisters, loves being outside, and has started sitting up. 
She's glad that her first tooth is in!

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Ferko said...

Love your haircuts!! I need another one when you guys come out here ;) G looks so much like Maddie in that last picture-so cute!