Monday, May 5, 2014

These Girls

 We're so happy that Spring is here! Lots of outside play time. This week the girls made "soup"- water, dirt, sand, rocks, weeds, and a few flowers on top!
 Got to love a sleeping princess with her "frince" as she calls him (prince).
 Can you see Savannah sleeping? Yes, she was falling asleep during the AWANA awards. Poor baby!
Sorry about the terrible filming, but at least you can get a good laugh over her drifting off!
I love my little Puggle. I asked her after the awards if she wanted to go to the party or sleep in my arms and without reservation she said, "PARTY!".
I'm really thrilled that Maddie finished her first Sparks book this year. It was a challenge for her to memorize some of the verses on busy weeks, but she persevered and completed an entire book. 
It's powerful to hide God's Word in your heart.
I'm thankful for the AWANA leaders and staff who so faithfully serve our kids. It's a huge commitment because they make a weekly sacrifice and encourage the kids to love the Word.

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